Thursday, February 09, 2012

Anyone Need Some Cheese?

If their are two opinions my husband likes to offer regarding food shopping, it's that he likes natural products (preferably organic when available), and he likes to buy in bulk. He likes to buy like Armageddon is coming. In which case truthfully this much organic cheese wouldn't come in handy anyway. Twinkies would be a better bet to survive a nuclear blast.

It was to our fortune then, that recently a company selling bulk organic products started delivering to Greenwood and Jeremy and I were drafted to be the drop managers for our city. Probably because it was a friend of ours who had arranged for them to begin delivering here, and she knew that our patronage was a sure bet.

So once a month a semi truck comes to our church parking lots and unload things like Barbara's puffin cereal, Amy's organic frozen pizza, and chocolate milk boxes for the kids lunchboxes. Oh and cheese lots of cheese.

It's been pretty fun so far but I'm ashamed to admit to the amount of olives we have in our garage.

If you add this to the produce delivery company we've used for the past 5 years, and the place Jeremy has been ordering our local meat from....there is little need left for the grocery store nowadays. But sometimes mama still needs to go to Target for retail therapy a gallon of milk.

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