Thursday, February 02, 2012


I had a revelation today.

Like some people, I've been complaining about this crazy warm weather. It's Feb 1st and we've had less that 4 inches of snow all winter. The people flooding into our city for the Superbowl this week are wearing shorts and sandals and basking in the 50-60 degree weather. So much for all those blizzard and ice contingency plans. I'm pretty sure the Superbowl committee didn't have a 'freakishly warm and delightful' contingency.

My complaints stem from the fact that I actually really like snow, and also that there's some sort of freaky end-of-days feeling that comes along with long term maniacal weather patterns. Also I like the days where we are snowed in, can have extended snuggles in our pjs, watch movies and enjoy indoor activities.

Then I had my revelation. I already had that. LOT AND LOTS of that following my foot surgery and extensive recovery. We snuggled and watched movies until we were bleary eyed. My winter has come and gone. I don't need any more winter. I need spring, or a fall do-over. I need to go outside with the kids and play and enjoy the benefits of some Vitamin D on my skin.

So I have vowed to re-live the fall that I missed when I was either physically trapped inside, or too stoned on narcotics to notice. If winter never comes, I won't complain. You will find the kids and I spending hours at the park like we did today...

...okay so I forgot the camera. Pretend this is Tessa and Charley.

We have two pie pumpkins still alive and well in our garage food stockpile. I threatened to carve them into jack-o-laterns since we missed that October activity as well. That's when Jeremy wondered about my mental stabilty. Long live spring (or fall do-over).

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