Thursday, February 02, 2012

Charley's 3rd Birthday Pictures

Saturday we had Charley's 3rd birthday party. I bet with one look at the colors and costumes, you can tell what the theme was. I figured we had the Halloween costumes, might as well capitalize on them. Or at least have another excuse to use them.

I'm hoping everyone has seen our Superman Portraits that we did at the party. That was so fun and such a good idea. I had considered other games, or maybe a superhero obstacle course but instead just put some big toys and games like Twister in the living room. The kids had fun and there was little to no stress on our parts. My kinda party.

Mom and Dad got Charley an Adirondack chair. Ask Mom to say the word Adirondack. It's pretty entertaining.  Then ask her to say spanikopita. 

When we were opening presents, Charley opened one book, popped a squat and enjoyed it. We had to remind him that he had present opening to do. It was a superman board book, and he got a batman one too with matching plush figures. Pretty darn cute. 

I was laid up sick earlier this week and Jeremy downloaded the original Superman from 1970-something, which the kids had never seen. They both really dug it and were flying around the house 'saving' things.

They also love the 'stomp rockets' that Andy's family got him. He keeps calling them his rockbands.

Like the cake and all the Super Charley cupcakes? Totally Erin's cake genius. She is my cake decorating hero, and our annual tradition of staying up late and getting goofy in the kitchen the night before the party is something I've grown to love. 

But she doesn't trust me with a piping bag. And she's right. 

The fire station was Charley's present from Mom-Mom and Pop and both of Jeremy's sisters. Thanks everyone! He is in LOVE with his fire station. It's like a boy's dollhouse only cooler. 

Like my hairbow? Etsy. 

Two of Charley's lovely ladies, Michaela and Aviana. Something tells me this kid is going to be a heart breaker. But in all fairness, I did promise him to Avi when she was still in utero. So...

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