Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Thumbs Up

Yesterday was cold and blowy and actually felt a bit like winter. The kids and I wanted to get out of the house so we went to see The Secret World of Arriety. We give it 6 thumbs up!

I fell in love with this Japanese director when Tessa went through a phase of being addicted to Ponyo. His movies are done in Anime style, but are made for American audiences using the voices of celebs we recognize.

I did some research on this guy and found out that the movies made from his studio are all still hand illustrated which is simply unheard of nowadays. And they are beautifully done too. I've seen Ponyo about 56 times and still enjoy watching it with her, with images like these...

Plus the plot lines of both movies are simple and very child appropriate with no scary bad guys. Is Ponyo a little strange and kooky?...Yes, but then again so are the Benningtons.

The Secret World of Arriety is based on the book The Borrowers which a lot people may read in school. It's about tiny little people that live in the walls of an old house and 'borrow' things they need like food. Tessa and I had read a similar book called The Littles.Very sweet, very pretty. Very nice afternoon with my kiddos.

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