Thursday, February 23, 2012

Springtime in Tessa's Room

I decided that for an early birthday present, Tessa deserved a real set of big girl bedding, not just some thrown together blankets and plain white sheets. I also insisted that there not be cartoon character so that she can transition into these sheets as she gets older.

I had originally wanted this set from Anthropologie, but decided against that since we're not you know...millionaires.

Instead I found this beautiful set on sale at Target....

I love the colors in her room and it's hard to see but the sheets are also butter yellow. They are jersey cotton and for the first time Tessa actually has a flat sheet like a real big kid (for the longest  time she would get tangled in them). She loves them.

I also had the genius idea to bring an extra coffee table into her room to elevate the dollhouse and neighboring strawberry shortcake market up off the floor. It's only been one afternoon and she's already playing with it more cause it's at eye level and more easily accessible. Don't know why I didn't think to do that 2 years ago!

I even found a butter yellow blanket to cover the table with so everything matches. This old afghan belonged to someone in Jeremy's family but he's not sure who...grandmother, great aunt? Either way it's getting used and loved!

While I was spring-ifying Tessa's room, I took down her snowflake lights as well as the fake snow on the dollhouse and put up her old colorful paper lanterns. It's springtime! (Or close enough, seeing that winter never actually came).

She came home from preschool to find that all of this had been done. I love a good simple surprise.