Saturday, February 25, 2012

Syrupy Saturday

On this week's episode of Across Indiana....okay just kidding but that is a good show. I'm pretty sure the demographic is 99% old people and me, but I don't care.

We hit the road this morning and went to Rockville, IN to the maple syrup festival. It was about a 90 min drive but with beautiful scenery and the heated seats of Jeremy's car.

In their 4-H building was a bunch of vendors and syrup for sale as well as art and other stuff. There was also a pancake breakfast but we had already eaten. Poor planning I guess, but since I had already fasted 13 hours for a routine blood test...I couldn't hold out for pancakes.

The kids saw a clown and got some balloon animals. We got a gallon of syrup and Jeremy got a saw with a portrait painted on it. Yes you read that right. The boy's gone country.

After visiting the main building, we were given (very poor) instructions on how to get to four maple syrup farms nearby. We spent the better part of an hour getting lost trying to find one, gave up and found another one. See the trees with the white lines behind Jeremy? They are being tapped for sugar water which is then turned into syrup.

We got a little tour inside and Tessa was so cute, raising her hand and asking questions like 'how does the syrup get inside the tree?', and 'did you know that bees make honey but trees make syrup?'

Unfortunately because of our crazy warm weather, they weren't able to tap the trees yet and weren't making syrup. Wah wah, a syrup tour with no syrup making. Stupid global warming.

But there were maple cookies!

We ended up Plainfield, home of one of the two Red Robins that exist in central Indiana. Anyone want to join a petition for one on the south side?  Tessa went for cheese pizza and salad. Charley wanted a corn dog and then insisted we remove all the corn so it was just a hot dog on a stick. Oh brother.

Jeremy and I got the same thing we always used to order when we lived a mile from Red Robin in CA...a blue ribbon burger but with a veggie burger instead of beef. Oh yes. I wouldn't lie to you about the awesomeness of a blue ribbon veggie burger. The beef version is far inferior.

While in the Indy area we stopped by Trader Joes and Jeremy's favorite wine warehouse and headed back home in time for the kids to watch one episode of Backyardigans and crash.

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