Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter 2013

Because our Easter was so busy, we hid the kid's baskets the night before. Yes you are looking at Jeremy's awesome hiding job. One on the fan and one 12 ft in the air on the chandelier. It took them a while to find them. 

Easter morning we went to church, then down the farm for the day. I packed myself a nice lunchbag of food options, but did pretty well with just the inside of some deviled eggs. 

The cousins know the drill by now. No Easter egg hunt until we get a picture of the whole group. Certainly getting easier than it was a few years ago when we were wrangling babies! 

Then we rode the 4-wheeler and 10 year old Mark tore it up on his dirt bike. Later they got out their archery stuff and shot targets while we sipped coffee and watched. 

We had some out of town family for the day, which was really nice. A big houseful!

A happy Easter was had by all!

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