Thursday, April 04, 2013

Carrot Planting, Photos by Charley

Last year Tessa had great success with her carrot patch, so today we put some seeds in the ground to grow another. A little bigger than last year, and with full sized carrots rather than baby ones.

We also got sunflower and lavender seeds in the ground while we were at it, and Charley took some pictures for us.
It doesn't look like much now but in the summer the grape arbor will be overflowing and the ground here covered carrots and lavender. This ground is normally where we put about 10 tomato plants but we are toning it down a bit this year. Only 6-8 Roma tomato plants in the raised bed, no more!

But don't worry...there will be lots and lots of basil. Lots.

Charley wears his cowboy boots every single day, by the way. And usually always gets compliments when we are out around town. He's kind of a stud.

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