Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Plans- Dialing it Down

After lunch today, Charley and I made Tessa a card for her birthday tomorrow.I really need to do more art when I'm alone with this kid. Tessa and I used to do art things like every single day. I don't know...I guess he's never been as into it as she was. But he does like to paint!

This will be the first year we haven't had a big blowout-40 people to our house-themed with matching goody bags-amazing cake made by Erin-cheeseballs shaped like cartoon characters type of birthday party.

We are keeping it simple this year. It's not a new proclamation to keep it simple forever, just gauging the feel of our house and what we can handle at the moment.

So we are going to have 6 or so little friends and their Moms to a local pottery studio on Saturday, where they can paint a creation and take it home. Make art, eat cake, have fun, the end. I might even wait until Friday after school to pick out some store bought cupcakes and snacks with Tessa.

The day before. I'm going to purchase things the day before and probably only one bag full. Yes, yes I am. This is awesome.

Tomorrow, her actual birthday, she has requested mini donuts at school. Again, storebought. Done! Then I plan to surprise her with a Subway sandwich and have lunch with her. I really love having lunch with the kindergarteners. They are so funny, it's like a mini comedy show.

Then tomorrow night we'll got out to eat at the restaurant of her choice (which I know already she will say is Bravo), where I may enjoy 3 oz of soft cooked pasta.

Her present this year is a playground set in the yard, so we don't even  have anything for her to open. But I might rectify that with a small trip to Target so there's something to wrap and unwrap.

And that's it. My baby will be a whopping 6 years old! Insanely hard to believe and yet, I can't remember her not being here. I do love her age. 5 has been my favorite so far. Old enough to follow rules and listen, but young enough to be innocent and sweet and funny. 5 definitely was a treat.

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