Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bennington Suburban Vineyard- Just Being Messy

Jeremy is occasionally still getting juice concentrate deliveries from our wine store and starting new batches. The batch from our grapes was long ago bottled and stored in our wine fridge, but the cycle of the process still continues.

So every once in a while on a Saturday Jeremy will just say...I need to do some wine stuff. When it comes to something like bottling taking place in our kitchen though, it's just a big ol' mess. Wine on the floor, the counter, staining the sink. The sink nozzle removed to hook up that bottle washing thingy. And bottles bottles everywhere. Good thing I wasn't trying to cook or anything.

It would seem possibly true that any good hands on hobby worth doing makes a big mess. As long as the wine maker cleans up after himself.

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Anonymous said...

I still need to get jer a polished label...which one did he like??