Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tessa's Birthday Thursday

Tessa declared her birthday on Thursday to be the 'best day ever!' That's what every parent wants to hear.
We started the day with a few presents before breakfast, including earrings from Mom-mom. 

Then Tessa was allowed to have a small piece of chocolate chip cake for breakfast. A small piece, and a side of  yogurt was required!

It just happened to be 'beach day' in kindergarten so Tessa had a bit of a built in party. The teacher had moved all the desks and they sat on beach towels all day, along with some other fun activities. Because Tessa was wearing her beach hat, she had to fit the classroom birthday crown on top.

Charley and I delivered some mini-donuts for an early morning treat to the class.

In this picture, the class is singing to Tessa. She doesn't look like she's enjoying it or anything.

At lunch I surprised her again by showing up with a Subway sandwich. Tuna salad with cheese, olives and pickles, her favorite. I call it her stinky sammich. She was so excited and gabbed the whole time. We were like ladies who elementary.

That night we went out to Bravo, Tessa's favorite restaurant. Maybe it's because kids get to play with pizza dough while they wait for their food. That or the pasta.

It's the first sit down restaurant that we've all been to together in over 6 weeks (for obvious reasons), and I enjoyed 3 ounces of Jeremy's pasta with chicken. It was so nice to be out with the fam, just enjoying a restaurant. I missed that kind of normalcy. I've also missed solid food! 

Tessa's present from us is a playground set which arrives next week, so it will be a bit belated. But she's looking forward to it, as well as all the kids in our small group. I know that thing will get a LOT of good play this summer!

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