Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Simple Spring Break

Last week Tessa had spring break. For the first half of the week I was still under driving restriction from surgery so we hung around the house. Later we got out a bit, but no huge day-long tiresome adventures to the museum or anything. A staycation.

I didn't even have a bunch of cool artsy crafsty plans like days of old. We just rolled with it. And even though some of Tessa's friends went to Disney World or camping, or on a road trip...I would say we still had fun.

We made the Barbies a nice hot tub.

We play Little Ponies outside. There's exactly one boy pony and Charley always gets that one while Tessa plays with the 20 girls ones.

We braided hair and did fingernails. 

We went to free-play time at the gymnastics studio.

We met my old college roomie Blythe down in Columbus and played on their amazing indoor playground which I forgot to take pictures of. But I've taken pictures there before, see?
It's a wicked cool playground and worth the drive.
We switched out Tessa's piercing earrings for some real ones.We also hit up the McD's playland, did some gardening, and watched Wreck it Ralph a few times. 

It was a pretty nice vacation. Now we've gone back to real life and I'm testing my energy abilities with a busy week and traveling husband. So far hanging in there, but missing the down time.

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