Tuesday, October 21, 2008

18 Month Check-Up

Tessa had her appointment today and is looking perfect as usual :) She had her last immunizations and is done until (can you believe) Kindergarten!

We decided to go for the flu shot this year after discussing it with the doctor, and I assume that was a good decision. I know there's alot of controversy around immunizations but it's still such a grey area I guess we lean toward better safe than sorry.

Her stats are:
-25 lb, 60th %tile for weight
-33 in, 90th %tile for height
-19 in head, 95th %tile
Tall and skinny with a giant head as usual.

Doc is happy that with her vocabulary. We were watching it at her 15 mo appt cause she wasn't saying much other than 'Daddy', but she seems to have had a word explosion lately (if only I could capture some on camera)

We made her next appt for April when she turns 2. Wow that seems like a world away!

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