Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple Works

Our MOPS group went on a little field trip yesterday to an apple farm. It was pretty darn cold but we had a good time. Did you know they will no longer let you pick your own apples due to health code reasons (think salmonella on tomatos). Lame! We also didn't get to ride the wagons because there were a bunch of school groups monopolizing them.

But Tessa was happy just to see the petting zoo. She was so wired up about the animals, I could only capture the one good picture above cause she was running around like a crazy woman saying 'moo and baa', but she was a little afraid to touch them. She did stick her face in the fence to give the goat a kiss but I told her that was a bad idea.

This is Tessa with her little friend from church who is only one week younger than her, so they go way back.

Tessa's a little bit obsessed with animals right now and this is her favorite book cause she can stick her face in and pretend to be one. We also watched a kids show yesterday with zoo animals that made her very happy. She really freaks out big time when she sees a horse on tv. Maybe we should get her a pony for Christmas and stick it in the backyard? ;)

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