Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Flash, I'm Fat

As if you couldn't tell. Well Peanut and I had our 24 wk check up today and I've gained 8lbs since last month. In total I've gained 25lb, and doc advises me to slow down on the weight gain. I would only like to gain about 10 more but at the pace I've been going I'm going to over-achieve!

He asked me if I wanted a referral for a dietician at the hospital and I said no....I lost 50 lbs on weight watchers, I know how this works. I can pinpoint one of my big problems, eating out lunch. Since we are out on the town Monday, Wed, and Thurs mornings it's often tempting to pick up lunch on the way home which is usually not very healthy.

So I went to the store and stocked up on frozen lean cuisine lunches, much to Jeremy's shagrin and he's pretty much against all processed food. BUT...having something easy and quick to come home to for lunch will help alot (not to mention he's usually not here anyway!) Tessa can have avocado sandwiches or leftovers. She's not a big lunch eater and is actually pretty happy with just yogurt and a banana. It's me that's always starving!

I don't want to be too strict on my dietary rules but posted these new rules on the fridge: 1 x per week eat out lunch, 1 x per week ice cream, 1 x per week real popcorn, 2-3 x day refill my 32 oz water mug.

So there you go. Peanut is otherwise great. BP is fine and so his Peanut's heartrate. Tessa went along with me and stared a hole through the doctor during the exam. My doc's new nurse actually used to be our pediatric nurse so she remembers Tessa from the time she was a newborn and commented that she still has the same serious look on her face as she always did.

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