Thursday, October 23, 2008

$20 hopefully well spent

I got one of these today, a pregnancy support belt. I've been having more back trouble this pregnancy than last. I can only assume it's from lugging a 25 lb toddler around. Someone suggested getting one of these, so I'll give it a try. It's a compression belt, you wear it really tight (under belly) so it sorta holds you hips and back in place.

Feels good so far, we'll see.

I also need to drag my big yoga ball out and start sitting on it again. That thing really feels great on your back.

** no that's not a picture of me, haha. You're too kind to think I'm that skinny **


Lisa said...

Hello, I have no clue how I stumbled onto your blog but I do love it and had to say we have alot in common :-) I am currently pregnant with my fourth girl due feb 17th and my thrid daughter was born April 10th 2007 :-) I am 25 and clothe diaper and have done weight watchers lol Anyway just had to mention all the similaritys and hope I didn't creep you out lol As for the belly support belt. I had one with my third and it really didn't help me much. It ended up bugging me more then it helped. Hope you have better luck with it :-)

Mandy said...

My two recommendations are massage and yoga. I did prenatal yoga class through my hospital every Saturday from 20 weeks to 39 weeks. I also had a massage every 2 weeks. My brother-in-law is a massage therapist and he really helped me out! These two things kept me together! Wishing you the best!