Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Halloween

Yesterday we went down south to visit room 42 and go to my cousin Kelly's Halloween party. Tessa was a Lion most of the day and seemed pretty content in her costume. Everyone at Hayden fussed over her and gave her candy. She was grumpy at first until she noticed how much attention everyone was paying her, then she perked up.

Amanda and Kelly went crazy with their crafty Halloween decorations. There was even a cake that looked like a box of kitty litter. But it was all a little much for Tessa. She spent most of the party glued to my leg. She was especially leery of Kelly's green face paint. I think she's not sure about Halloween but at least she likes her costume. Friday she is geared up to pass out candy with Daddy while Mommy lays on the couch stoned on tylenol 3.

So I get a bag AND candy to put in it? Wow

Mamaw Creech has a great treat for Tessa, a green dinosaur that talks
My favorite costume was baby David's chili pepper

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