Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The International Sign For....

......I'm done eating and am ready for my bath

Tessa's finally been talking alot more lately. Her favorite new things to say are no and uh-oh, and making animal noises. I've tried many many times to capture her animal noises on tape but she's too in love with the camera to focus. Her best ones are quacking like a duck and raising her hands up and going 'ooh ooh' for a monkey.

Also everytime the dogs get on a barking jag (every 4 minutes?) she runs to the window and says 'doggy, side'...and of course only I would know she's asking me if the neighbor dog is outside, which usually gets the dogs very excited. I think that's a sign she's pretty brilliant.

But the one thing she absolutely refuses to say at all costs....Mommy. Oh well.


Stephany said...

Now if that doesn't scream embarassing high school graduation and wedding photo I don't know what does!!

Terri said...

Reminds me of you wearing your pants on your head at about that age!