Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Homecoming

Yesterday we went to Purdue's homecoming and met some old friends there. It was cold and the game sucked but we had alot of fun. Tessa stayed with Erin, one of her most favorite babysitters, and they went to the children's museum. Reports are they had a great time and she's a perfect baby ;)

Mom and Dad were going to the bookstore so I asked Mom to snag me the biggest Purdue sweatshirt she could find so I could layer it over the sweater I was already wearing. Man I love my new giant sweatshirt. I have declared that the month of January I will wear only my giant sweatshirt and stretchy yoga pants with fuzzy socks.

Blythe and Stephany, two of my old pals and roomates. We're old ladies now.

On their way through town, Mom and Dad stopped by to visit Tessa bit and bring her a suprise...a replacement pumpkin for the ones that got stolen! We decided to keep this one in the kitchen and she keeps trying to figure out how to sit on it or ride it, with little success.


Stephany said...

Those are great pictures- and yes we're old!

But many more purdue games and memories to come first!

Glad Tessa got a replacement pumpkin - what a great grandma and grandpa.

So good to see you guys this weekend... and your parents too!

Eva Thomas said...

Yay for Purdue Homecoming!! We were going to go, but didn't have tickets and the drive's a little long. Hope you had fun, go Boilers! (cause you know it is your fault that I went to Purdue)