Friday, October 10, 2008

New Videos

I managed to catch a couple great new videos of Tessa. The first one here is of her with her new snack cup. She loves to torment the dogs with it cause it has a cover that she sticks her hands in but they can't quite get their snouts in. The minute I gave it her she started throwing cheerios and running. So cruel.

And here she is today after tubby time. She likes running around with the towel on her head and would get mad when it fell off. Don't worry I was watching to make sure she didn't hurt herself.

By the way Peanut is really on the move these days, kicking me all the time.


phasejumper said...


Anonymous said...

She looks like a nude Casper the Ghost


Stephany said...

Laura I'm in heaven with your little girl's videos.... adam and i died of laughter at the dogs with the snack cup and nothing was as funny as her and the towel and running into the gate and cornering herself.... she's so flippin cute!