Monday, February 16, 2009

Aunt Jessie's Visit and Charley's First Farm Trip

I'm skeptical as to whether Tessa actually wrote the chalkboard message above. I had no idea her writing skills were so advanced! We had a great weekend with Jeremy's sister Jessie. I wish she could have stayed longer! Tessa does too, she cried for about 15 min when we pulled away from the airport.

On Saturday we just hung out and went out to lunch and Target, and Jessie got lot of baby time. We also played Risk, which I've never played before. It was fun although I've rarely seen Jeremy get so power hungry and nasty. It was a good thing Tessa was in bed cause there was lots of cursing.

On Saturday we made Charley's first trip to the farm to meet the rest of his family. He mostly slept through the whole thing but Tessa had a great time. We've had so much cabin fever lately I think she was just super happy to go somewhere fun!

Tessa also stuffed her face with tons of beans, potatoes, deviled eggs and cake. I wonder if both kiddos are going through a growth spurt, as Charley got up to nurse about every hour last night, which is wearing me out and making me hungry too!

Anyway, here are some great pics from our great weekend.
Mark-5, Bob- 3, Tessa- 21 months, David- 8 months, Charley- 2.5 weeks

It's not Mark's fault that Charley is crying btw, he was ready for his lunch and we were bothering him with a photo shoot.

After lunch, much more content..

I didn't get the message about blue stripey shirt day

In the background there Tessa is eating her second helping of cheesecake. Since she insists on spooning it herself it took her about an hour.
Mamaw holding her 7th great grandchild

Jeremy gave Jessie the grand tour of the farm on the 4 wheeler

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