Sunday, February 01, 2009

Charley's Birthday Video/Slideshow

Jeremy did a great job putting together this video of Charley's two days. It's kinda long at 12 min so you might want to get some popcorn...but how could we leave any of it on the cutting room floor?

Click on the little star shaped icon in the right corner to make it full screen.

Charley's First Day from Laura Sargent Bennington on Vimeo.

As you can see Tessa is very interested in her little brother. She likes saying 'hi baby' and trying to hug and kiss him. So far she's doing a great job being easy with him. Alot of times she forgets he's around and then comes running up to say "hi baby!!" all over again.

We are doing so well. We we were released to come home mid-day on Thursday. Because we were all so healthy they didn't even bother keeping us for the 48 blood tests, so we made a quick trip back to the hospital on Saturday to get that done.

Charley is nursing well and sleeping alot, although he had some trouble the first night when the milk fairies had not yet come and he was getting impatient.

Mom stayed with us several days partially to help out and partially cause she was stranded here with the snow, but it was really great having her here. Unfortunately she got the stomach flu too. We have all passed it around and I still had a touch of it in the hospital after he was born but it seems like finally everyone's tummies are all better.

Jeremy and Tessa just took off for church so I'm hoping to get some time here to sit down and write out the whole great story. Stay tuned!


The Patterson Family said...

I loved every second! Nicolas and Grace are totally amazed in the kids. Wehn he's a bit older we'll have to make a trip for a "meet n' greet!"

phasejumper said...

Poor little guy, he did NOT want to be messed with.

Stephany said...

I adore the video. Great job you guys. What a perfect family - so complete!