Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crockpot Thursdays

How domestic of me to make something in the crockpot. I've never used my crockpot for anything other than serving hot apple cider so this is new territory for me, but it looks good. It's Cajun chicken which is basically chicken, tomatoes, onions and green peppers (which I halved cause I don't like them) and lots of herbs and spices...served over rice. Seems easy enough.

I'm hoping some of my more domestic friends out there can suggest some crockpot recipes. Weight Watchers is officially starting in our house on Monday, so healthy recipes please! I've consulted the calendar and decided Thursdays would be a good day for the crockpot meals. We'll see how that goes.

Speaking of the calendar, it's my goal to keep a super anal detailed weekly calendar on the fridge with all the things we need to accomplish including diaper washing days, regular laundry days, WW weigh in days, Tessa's activities as well as things I'd like to do with her (like 'work on learning colors') AND in my first effort of superior meal pre-planning, a MENU for each week of what's for dinner (gasp)

I'd even like to write in all those longer term things like bathe the dogs and get myself a haircut once a month, etc. I posted the first calendar on Tuesday and so far it's been super helpful. I'm just a list and schedule person....I HAVE to have this stuff written down or it could get a little crazy around here, especially with Charley around now. I don't want to drop the ball and forget to water my plants for a month...which could totally happen.

Cleaning? Well that's written at the bottom of the schedule under 'as time allows', haha. I've put myself in charge of all the cleaning with the exception of bathrooms which are Jeremy's responsibility (as well as mowing in the summer).

Yay for anal-ness! I'm excited about our organization system and starting WW too. I'm ready. Although Jer and I are going out for dinner Saturday so maybe I should have one more pig out fest. Oh and maybe some ice cream tonight on the way home from small group :)

This is just to make you smile. Jessie and I found these Sesame Street hair scrunchies at the dollar spot at Target. Yup that Oscar the Grouch in her hair...tee hee.


phasejumper said...

I'm with you, I'm ALL about lists and schedules. (Remember my schedule book in high school...) I have an every day schedule with my daycare (breakfast at 8, t.v. 8:30-9, worksheets, free play, Bible, art and music, lunch, reading and nap, then game, snack etc. and a cleaning schedule (dust on Mon, sweep on Thursdays etc.) I don't post them on my fridge, though. I have posted some recipes on my blog that are WW approved, check under the tag YUM YUM. Hope your chicken turns out great, good luck with the diet and schedule, let us know how it works out. (Especially since you have two kids, I hope I can keep my schedule up when our baby is born...)

phasejumper said...

By the way...LOVE the hair thing. Aren't the dollar bins great? The other day, I got a bunch of prizes for Will's fourth birthday party (Toy Story theme) in June. Love me some bargains!

BrookZ said...

hey laura i have some good crockpot ww friendly recipes that i will email to you! :) i am also hoping to do a "schedule" when the new baby arrives i am just now getting used to being at home with abbey, its fun and strange all at the same time!

The Patterson Family said...

I have a schedule as well...other wise I truly believe that I would be sucked into a black hole of procrastination and getting behind on things. Not to mention that I can't remember anything anymore.

i have some spreadsheet templets that are color-coded by family member and task if you'd like them.

Good luck!