Sunday, February 08, 2009

Push Presents

In honor of Charley's birth, we all got 'push presents'. Well Charley didn't get a present, just life.

Jeremy got me a beautiful Amber necklace which is funny because Charley brought home a little amber necklace for Tessa too! When Tessa was born I got Jeremy engraved cufflinks that said 'Dad'. You can see this time we promoted him even more (or at least stoked his ego).

Charley made his first trip to church today. In the 1.5 hrs we were there Charley wanted to nurse twice so we mostly camped out in the cry room. But he got to meet lots of new friends and watch Daddy sing onstage.

We also had a big outing to the mall yesterday where we hit a sale at JCpenney's. I found a bunch of cute short sleeve shirts for Tessa for $3.99 each, so we are already stocked for spring and summer! It was nice to get out of the house for a few hours and for me to stretch my legs and walk. I couldn't believe that I was actually sore after just walking the mall for the morning.

Other than that we've been hanging out with Janet and Dave, who are taking Tessa to the Children's museum tomorrow. The weather will be so warm, I'm hoping Charley and I can get out walk the neighborhood. Amazingly with all the warm weather this week, our many inches of snow are gone, but now it's a yucky muddy mess out there.

Just a few random pics from today....

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Stephany said...

If there was an equivalent of cuff links for women, Laura I say you Deserve Superwoman Cufflinks too!

Beautiful gifts J & L - great job!

Glad Charley did well at Church!