Friday, February 20, 2009

Here We Go Again

I did two brave things today. I weighed myself for the first time post Charley, and I went to stroller aerobics. Both went well although my weight was pretty depressing. I feel good though cause we are starting WW on Monday.

I can't afford to go to meetings this time around so Jeremy and I are starting our own 'meeting' here at home, completely with weekly weigh ins. I have all of my old books/materials so that's good. I calculated my points yesterday and I get 45 per day (10 of that is for nursing)...I know all who speak WW language are salivating over that number cause it allows me a pretty nice amount of calories.

So I have about 50lb to lose to get to my pre-Charley weight, another 30 on top of that if I want to be smokin' hot (which would be awesome but not necessary) Ugh, wish me luck!

By the way I love using the new double stroller during aerobics. Our old stroller has a broken wheel that wobbles so this new one is nice to maneuver!

Yes I know I need to post new Charley pictures..I promise I will soon!!

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