Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twice As Cute

Both sushi. Well Charley not so much he liked the restaurant anyway. Tessa made up for him by eating her own whole order of California rolls.

...have cute shoes (or footies) to take baths. Well Charley not so much in this picture but he was hungry and ended up having a snack in the tub ( I was in there too by the way, hence the cropping of all of Charley so you don't see, ahem...all of me)
....okay only one child needs to run around naked in Mommy's shoes after bathtime
...but both kiddos wear cloth diapers! This is Tessa's badonka-donk diaper that she wears to bed, stuffed with three inserts to get her through her 12 hr sleep.

Another lovely Sunday :)


J.B. said...

I call Nora's night time diaper a bodonkodonk diaper, too! Haaa!

Anonymous said...

That sushi is almost as big as charlies head!!!

Miss you guys,..EB