Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Favorite Things to Do

Look around the room and make grunty sounds, and occasionally ponder my baby acne afflictionSuck on pacis and sleep. Mommy likes pacis cause when I don't have them I want to nurse all day and night. She's trying to trick me.

Pretend my Mardi Gras beads are dog food and I'm Rosie. After Mommy took this picture I got in trouble cause I'm not allowed to touch the dog bowls.
Dress like a country girl
Demand hugs from anyone who will give them. If they ignore me then I scream HUG!! It almost always works
Help Mommy cook dinner. My jobs are always very important like stirring cabbage with thongs

Or transferring my snacks back and forth from a bowl to a cup, then peeling garlic and stabbing it with a fork. This is my friend Asa who joined us for lunch and playing yesterday!

As for Mommies, a fun thing to do is prick your finger and squeeze out drops of blood! Okay not really fun but I saw the doc about my dizziness and weak feeling and he is testing me for anemia and thyroid and also gave me an Accu-check thingy to test my blood and see how low my blood sugar is during these down times. The other day I just felt soooo dizzy that it made me nervous being here alone with the kiddos.

Of course in the couple of days since I felt horrible, I now mysteriously feel much it could very well just be post partum and nursing body weirdness, but I thought it was good to check in with the doc anyway. It could also have been the after-affects of Charley's growth spurt, in which he wanted to nurse ever 1.5-2hrs. His spacing is getting alot more manageable.

Unfortunately this has derailed my first week of WW a bit cause I've been eating too many points, so we're starting that again next Monday. Do over!


The Patterson Family said...

Just take care of yourself right now, then start all of the other stuff when you feel more up to it. You have a lot on you right now!

I've been thinking about you!

Anna Thornton said...

I agree with the comment above and I'm glad that you went to your MD. Also, I LOVE the book, "The Nursing Mother's Companion" by Kathleen Huggins. It's a great reference (Ronda has my copy, but, it was falling apart and you may want to get a newer copy?)? I checked it out of the library. You can also always call the Lactation Consultant from the hospital? I only met the new one once, but, LOVED the old one, Terri, she was awesome and answered lots of questions and hey, that's her full time job, so, she really knew tons about nursing. I'm enjoying reading your blog, your family is so precious!