Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arise and Walk!

Yesterday I had my 8 week post-op appointment with the Ortho. I'll admit I was nervous he was going to tell me I wasn't healed enough to walk yet, and that I might flip out and throw something across the room.

Luckily he said my xray looked 'perfect' and that I could ditch the scooter and start walking. Slowly at first of course. And then in a month from now he wants to see me again, with a SHOE on. This was another surprise because he had previously given me sort of a worst case scenario where I kept the boot on until February.

I walked around the rest of the day and it really did wear me out. Today my legs and back are aching big time. Slow and steady!

I have a long to-do list as well as Christmas activities I want to do, but I realize I need to pace myself. Our first big Christmas thing is that Jeremy and I are taking Tessa to see The Nutcracker in a couple of weeks. She's been watching a recording of it on Netflix to prepare her for what it will be like and she totally eats it up. She can recite the whole story now.

I'm sure she'll be excited when we get there to where the 'real ballerinas' are. If she goes running inside in her fancy dress, Mommy will be hobbling far behind in her supportive boot. But we'll have a great time, none the less.

God is good. All the time.

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