Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gospel Bracelets Times 2

I don't know if these are called gospel bracelets or Jesus bracelets....okay the all knowing internet says 'salvation bracelets'.

I just think it's funny that Tessa got one on Sunday at church AND today at preschool. And we've gone over the colors enough times that she can even tell you what it means.

But in case you don't know, these bracelets are a simple way for kids (or not so theologically savvy adults like me) to tell the story of Jesus and the gospel.

It goes like this...
Yellow- for the streets of heaven that are paved with gold
Black- for the sin in our hearts
Red- for Jesus' blood shed on the cross
White- for our sins washed white as snow (when we choose to believe in Jesus)
Green- for our everlasting life in him


I should note that approximately 2 hours after I took this picture Tessa lost the beaded one, I think at the chiropractor's office. This is why you can't have super nice things for a 4 year old...they get lost or broken or caked with food. Such is life. Jesus would understand.

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