Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lucky at the Library

Today was my first full day alone with the kids. Jeremy left at 4:30 to join Andy and some hunters on farm. It's opening season for deer in IN...look out Bambi! Or preferably, Bambi's Dad.

I'm really really sick of the inside of our house and I think the kids are too. So, we headed to the library for some free entertainment. And also to square up on the $11 I owed them from when Jeremy forgot to return two movies right after I had surgery. Delinquent.

I'm still on the scooter for a few more days so if you're wondering how I am able to load it in and out of the car by myself, I would just say....carefully. But I'm off of pain meds altogether so I can DRIVE!

I seriously considered driving down to North Vernon to visit the hunters, simply for the thrill of the open road. But given that Mom and Mamaw were both gone on an antique expedition, leaving no one at the house to help me up the step....I decided against it.

At the library I expected regular scenes like this....

But we were majorly suprised by the 'big truck show' that happened at 11am...dump trucks, garbage trucks, cement mixers, tow trucks and firetrucks.
Charley was in heaven. I 'm thankful that the truck drivers were nice enough to lift the kids up into the cab, after getting a glimpse of their gimpy mother. I simply couldn't have done that.

Charley went bananas for the pink dump truck. Yes, Charley. Tessa was mostly ambivalent about the whole thing. I think the horns were too loud and the cabs too high for her taste.

Tessa snatched the camera for a while. I guess I didn't look that bad. Sadly my teal hair has faded to a lovely pea soup green. Since it's only been lasting about a week on average, I ordered some 'manic panic' in hopes of doing it myself and saving salon costs. I hope my hairdresser doesn't kill me.
I just like this picture of Charley's skinny tooshie. Still barely fitting into 2T...only 2T with an adjustable waistband tightened all the way. Still weighing about what he did at his 12 month appointment. My peanut.

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