Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Poor Pot

You remember our new addition, the La Creuset cookware set?

Well, this happened last night...

I could we allow this to happen to our precious baby? Well see, we had the Pioneer Woman's Dr. Pepper pork roast in the oven for most of the day. And then Jeremy suddenly remembered at 4:30 that he had made chiropractor appointments for both of us 5:15. We rushed out of the house and forgot to peek in on the pork. Apparently it was already done. Really done.

Factor in an hour or more to get across town and have two adjustments and we came back to this.

The pork was actually still really good. Just a little dry and well...cajun style. I was super worried for the dutch oven. Yes I said dutch oven. That's what it's called, people. That term doesn't isn't always related to a fart related incident.

I soaked it an hour, scrubbed and scraped, then soaked it again overnight then scrubbed it this morning (with a non-scratchy sponge of course), and check it out......

It lived! Another amazing product promotion for La Creuset. I wish everything in our house was coated in enameled cast iron...counters, sinks, my clothes. This place would be spotless.

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