Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Can Take the Girl Outta Woods Branch

You know when we're feeling daydreamy, Jeremy and I sometimes fantasize about having a small place in the country. Far enough out to feel country, but close enough to civilization to meet our monthly sushi quota.

Jeremy wants to be able to hunt and grow some grapes (which we've started doing here in suburbia, even though our massive arbor violated HOA regulations). And we'd both like some freedom and space...oh and a porch swing.

For now we just go down to the family farm, soak it up and enjoy. Then return to suburbia where the houses all look alike and everyone drives a minivan. But the's only 5 minutes away!

I rode the 4 wheeler forever on Thanksgiving. I kept giving kids rides around the pond and down the big hill. I'm thinking now we should have bought Mamaw some gas before we left. Whoops.

When we went to Metamora we had corn to feed ducks but they wanted nothing to do with us. Apparently they weren't hungry. But the mules were.

I used to say that my fantasy farm should have miniature horse. Maybe a little donkey wouldn't be so bad either. I think the soft feeling of their lips licking corn off your hand could become addicting.
But then again, so are spider rolls.

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phasejumper said...

Ha Ha ha! I'm a suburbian (suburbanite?) through and through, but my husband's dream house would be miles and miles from everyone.