Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Return to Baking- Nutella Cookies

It's been a while since I baked. Mostly because maneuvering the kitchen on my scooter was dang near impossible, and my boot is not much better. But in recent weeks I have become the queen of standing, and am almost back to what I would consider normal life.

So I thought our normal life could use some Nutella cookies. I followed this recipe from Pinterest and I gotta say...I'm disappointed. The dough was super crumbly but I formed them into balls and went with it.

Once baked they turned out super hard. I suppose they could have benefited from another egg or something in the dough. I'm starting to learn to trust these instincts in the kitchen, although I still live in fear of deviating from the recipe.

Anyway, they turned out to be more of a texture like biscotti than cookie. I figured they will be good dipped in some coffee or milk.
We were out of oil spray, so Tessa enjoyed helping me grease the pan with butter. On my Christmas list, Silpat pads!

My Nutella taste testers. Thank goodness our house doesn't have food allergies.

These are what they looked like after they were baked. Super crumbly and hard. How strange.

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Stephany said...

mine came out NOTHING Like this! try again with my recipe on my blog, mine didn't have flour - your flour is what made them hard and not cakey -