Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving on the Farm

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on the farm this year. After a tumultuous fall, it was nice to kick back and enjoy some relaxation with the family. We even spent the night at Mamaw's house so Jeremy could hunt while the kids and I went to Metamora.

There was turkey eating.

Men napping.

Kids playing and reading.

Mommy snuggling.

Kids catching some fresh air.

Handicapped people catching fresh air.

Kids chasing the handicapped lady trying to catch fresh air.

Papaw hugging.

The handicapped lady giving rides and more rides.

Then on Friday Jeremy spend the day checking Facebook...ahem, I mean hunting in the deer stand. Sadly there was nothing to shoot, which means our deal about getting a deep freeze has to wait another year. He bags a deer, I get a freezer. That's the deal.

Mom and Dad always go to Metamora on 'Black Friday' and I like it too because it's about as far away from a mall as you can get. Sadly, alot of the antique dealers and food vendors seem to have left town due to poor sales. There are still some great shops but it's also part ghost town.

I prefer a ghost town to Target on Black Friday any day. Plus it's a gorgeous drive through the hill of southern Indiana.
That's an old calculator that Charley is playing with. He calls it his computer.

This canal used to be filled with ducks and you could buy 'duck food' and feed them. We were smart enough to take our own duck food (aka, an ear of corn) but there were no duck. Finally we found three of them who wanted nothing of our food.

Apparently when the pork vendors and candle shops leave town, so do the ducks.

But the ice cream parlor is still open! And it was nice enough to eat outside.

The mules wanted our corn though. We only had one ear, and it didn't last long with these guys begging.

We went home later than night after we collected Jeremy and had a helping of turkey tetrazinni from Mamaw. Metamora was alot more walking than I'm used to, so I spent the next day taking Aleve and enjoying the benefits of epsom salts. But it was worth it.

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phasejumper said...

Charlies face in the snuggle picture and the kids chasing the "handicapped lady" cracked me up. I haven't been to Metamora in forever! (Amen to ghosttown over Target on Black Friday!)