Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tessa's Wonderland

While Tessa was gone to a friend's house today, Jeremy and I seized the opportunity to decorate her room for Christmas. I had been hoping to do it while she was at school or something so we could surprise her. And we did! It doesn't take much to shock and awe a 4 year old...just some unexpected Christmas lights and cotton snow.

I also wanted to do this since we don't do the whole Santa coming down the chimney thing. Just because we don't do Santa, doesn't mean Christmas isn't magical and special for our kids. To the contrary!

It's kind of nice that she has a built in mantle to hang stockings and lights from.

Look! It snowed on the dollhouse. I think this was their favorite part.

I had ordered this snowflake afghan on Etsy. It's hard to see in the pic but the edges are all crocheted.

About this time, Charley woke up from his nap and helped me finish. If you're concerned about Charley and his room, don't be. He got colored lights around his window which he thinks is pretty awesome. We might decorate more in there later on.

The garland hanging from the door was the greatest idea. Lasted about 5 minutes before it got torn apart though. Note to self...if you cut garland, it WILL unravel.

Tessa came home and was super surprised.

Good night, Supergirl Polly Pocket.

The one thing we're still missing is some paper stars that are on their way in the mail, and hopefully a white poinsettia for her dresser when they come into stores. Imagine those there as well. Perfection!