Monday, July 21, 2008

15 Month Checkup

We went to the docs this morning for Tessa's 15 checkup. Here are her stats:

22 lb- 40th %tile
31 inches- 80th %tile
19 in head circumf- 90 %tile

So physically she's the same although both her height and weight are pretty much the same as her last well check. The doc said her size is great, especially since she's such a good eater...I guess she's burning off the calories with all her running around (what a novel idea huh?)

Her poor bum still looks yeasty so we're to continue the anti fungal cream. I'm blaming the sweltering humidity for this (combined with thick cloth dipes).

He said she should be saying 3-6 words which is about right so I'm not as worried as I was about her language...she'll get there. She say daddy, doggy, dipe, hi, Rosie (which comes out oozy), and recently 'nat' when she wants a snack and bangs on the pantry door. No she does not say least not on purpose.

In Peanut news we are nearing the 2nd trimester, can you believe it? I am feeling the energy coming back which is great. I had my second craving the other day (after the first one for the forbidden lunch meat). I really wanted chips and queso cheese. I know, real healthy huh? But it's all I could think about so I stopped by the store and got some. I was tempted to go to Qdoba but I was good and avoided the chain!

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