Friday, July 18, 2008

Lil Mama

Tessa's Mamaw got her a baby which is her favorite toy of the moment. She's been carrying it around and will even give it a kiss (lick it's face) if I ask her to. We're just going to call it "Baby" so she can get used to that word.

Her other favorite thing is that striped bag she wears as a purse. My friend Marcie made it out of old shirt as a gift bag (cause she's just that crafty) and Tessa adopted it as her own. She likes to put it on and walk around collecting things.

We went to a garage sale this morning and got some awesome stuff for Tessa. I got like 8 shirts and 1 pair of jeans ,all Baby Gap for $9..woohoo! After we had also hit some back to school kids clothes sale at the outlet mall, Lil Mama is all ready for fall! (me too considering our recent 100 degree weather)

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Adrienne & Alyssa said...

Allie got the same stroller and baby from her Grammy. <3