Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Last night we went to Tessa's second cousin's dual birthday party. Ashley turned 7 and Leia turned 6 and it was a Hannah Montana explosion! Tessa with the girls and their bunnies. Her favorite part of the party was the baloons.
While we were there my cousin Amanda gave us a TON of Leia's smaller size bows that she doesn't wear anymore. How fun! I think Tessa with have a bow in her hair from now on. She even gave us some that have small snaps so I can do tiny little pigtails in the back. I've been trying with hairbands but that doesn't work.

Checking out her stash.
Thanks Amanda!

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Mandy said...

Hello, Laura!
We followed the link from Jackie Knotts' blog and found you! It looks like you, Jeremy, and family are doing really well. Best wishes from a couple of PMO pals,
Sam & Mandy Leahy