Sunday, July 06, 2008

History is Bound to Repeat

We are home from our vacation on Cedar Lake and we had a great time (stay tuned for pics). It was very relaxing except for the day we went to the hospital.

I thought I would get off the hook with getting Rhogham injections with this pregnancy. My doc told me I didn't get one until 30 wks unless I had bleeding and then to call right away. Well of course I did have some bleeding, and being stubborn I waited two days to call.

I was hoping my docs office would let me come in for an injection when returned home in a few days, but they reminded me that rhogham needs to be given with 72 hrs of the start of bleeding or an Rh- mommy could miscarry. So since it had been 48 hrs they wanted me to go the emergency room. Ugh.

So we went to the ER in Sturgis, MI where they took great care of me. I got an exam, ultrasound and ultimately the injection I needed. Poor Tessa was antsy in the room and wanting to touch everything but we weren't there too long. Compared to other ER visits I've experienced this was easy.

Everything they saw looks great, and we the bonus was that we got an ultrasound! The peanut is looking great with a healthy heartbeat and yes there is only one :-)

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