Friday, July 11, 2008

Peanut on Camera

That's it's head in the bottom right and little feet on the left- 10 wks

Don't be overly concerned that I've had another ultrasound, everything is fine. I was continuing to have bleeding so my OB office wanted to see for themselves. She said the ultrasound looked beautiful and she sees no reason for the bleeding so it's probably just a fluke thing. According to them 'some women just bleed' this TMI??

I have been ordered to have a lazy weekend however, which will comence after the worship team party at our house tonight. And she also said for the time being to lift Tessa only when I have to which is pretty hard since she's been very fussy during her illness and wants to be held.

But most importantly, Peanut looks great!!


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Relax and take it easy, missy!

Anonymous said...

totally the best ultrasound pic ever! are you sure you didn't draw that? LOL jb