Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our New Project

Over lunch today Jeremy and I made a pact to start a new food related project in our house. After enjoying lunch at our favorite new restaurant, a locally owned grill right down the street, and noticing the nearby failing coffee shop is under new management.....we have decided we will try to avoid ALL chain restaurants for the next year. A challenge indeed, especially since Greenwood is chain restaurant central.

We made two exceptions. When Jeremy is in an airport on a business dinner (and can't choose) he can eat whatever. And I can have a Starbucks only when I am actually inside Meijers or Target (which I do enjoy ever so much while grocery shopping), otherwise I have to go to the local coffee shop.

It should be a fun experiment and the bonus is that it eliminates all fast food, which is a great thing. Most importantly we are supporting our local businesses. I am going to keep a journal in case we decide to write a book, haha. Wish us luck!

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phasejumper said...

What a neat idea! (wish we had a Starbucks in our Meijers!)