Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking the Cabin Fever

After several days of being sick Tessa and I had to get out of the house or we would have gone nuts (and she would have OD'd on Sesame Street), so we went down to North Vernon for another visit before Mom and Becky go back to school. I'm feeling okay, not great, and man I sure would love to take some stronger drugs. Luckily Tessa has not gotten the bug!

Even a little sympathy cry couldn't stop poor David from crying

Tessa learning the ways of the world from her older cousins. Leia just moved back to IN from FL so they are getting aquainted.

For the unfamiliar from top L: Ashley (Kelly's daughter), my first cousin Kelly, Leia (Kelly's twin sister Amanda's daughter), nephew David, and Tessa

In furry child related news something is up with the dogs. I don't know if they know I'm pregnant or we've been neglecting them or what, but there's been alot of peeing going on around her. Especially up in our closet, and TWICE Hayden has peed on my clothes in the closet! Hayden is not one to pee inside so the fact that he's targeting my things is pure rebellion.
I know it was Hayden cause as any dog owner will tell you....boy puddles and girl puddles are can tell when there's been leg lifting. Not cool. Blythe if you're reading this you need to come perform some dog whispering here.