Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Did That Come From?

Ah funny story from today. Probably totally embarassing for Tessa...someday of course. Today I can still tell it, haha.

Tessa was enjoying her mandatory nakey time today. It's not uncommon for her to tinkle during nakey time and we just mop it up. I moved her potty into the living room today with the hopes of catching her quick and throwing her on it. One can hope.

Of course today she pooped and of course it was on the carpet. No biggie, we have dogs, I'm prepared to deal with such a problem. But the funny part was she freaked out. She was pointing at her pile and screaming. She actually started crying, big crocodile tears. We cleaned it up quick and threw on a diaper, and it took a minute or two for her to calm down.

Must be a strange idea to her, strange and apparently very upsetting. Guess we're not quite ready for potty training, maybe in the fall.

Here's some pics from our visit with Amy and Eva the other day!

Oh good Daddy turned on the hose. I love the hose

Most of all I love to drink from the hose. Mommy had to cut me off cause it was almost bedtime.

Hey Eva you look nice, help me fill up my pool so I can swim?

How does this thing work?

Um hey there's no water here people. What do you mean it's too late to swim?

Fine I'll just eat some dirt instead

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Stephany said...

now that's the story you save for her wedding or baby shower!!! :)