Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Living Room Digs

During my lazy day today I got a bug up my butt that Tessa's stuff needed to be moved around in the living room. I didn't take a before picture but she had her toy box basically shoved up in a corner and no other room for her things.

So we moved the chase lounge and brought down a few things from upstairs including the Art Center thingy that Aunt Jessie got her for Christmas. I had put it away at the time because of the age limit but she's totally into it now! I also broke out the floor block things I got with some Toys R Us money after her birthday.

She is set up for learning! Which is good. I think we need to work more on learning words and stuff as she's still not saying much.

This little switch around just makes me happy. Our living room has better feng sushi or something. Sometimes a simple rearrangement of furniture can make things better :)

Thanks Mamaw Betty for the great little chair, not only does she love it, it fits perfectly with the little coffee table we already had!

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