Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lake Pictures

We rode the pontoon a couple times, which made Tessa fall asleep almost immediately.

We had the vacation look going on

We went swimming in the lake. Tessa wasn't overly impressed but she didn't hate it either.
We ate JoJo's soft pretzels of course
We played yard bowling

We visited with Gramaw and Grampaw and watched the flotilla (which I have no pics of nor any pics of us all together...oops), as well as Jeremy's impressive fireworks display

We had nakey time, lake style

We danced in the car..


phasejumper said...

During our vacations at the lake, Will always falls asleep whenever the boat is moving too! Looks like you had a great time!

Adrienne & Alyssa said...

I love the pic of her sleeping! Too cute.

And I LOLed at the dancing video. What a ham!