Friday, July 25, 2008

We Hired our Doula!

Well we had our 'interview' meeting this morning with our doula, Paula, here at the house. It was really great. She talked to us about what a doula does and she wanted to know all about Tessa's birth. She feels really confident that we can do natural childbirth this time with her help. She even shed some insight into the events of Tessa's birth and how we can do things a little differently.

We will have 2-3 prenatal visits with her to learn breathing and comfort techniques..sort of like a personal lamaze coach. She will be on call when the time comes to hopefully join us at our house for early labor at home (like we did with Tessa) and accompany us to the hospital.

Basically she doesn't do anything medical like cervical checks or anything but she will be solely in charge of coaching me through breathing and doing massage, things like that. She also acts as our advocate at the hospital to make sure the doctors understand and follow our birth plan. So it takes some pressure off of Jeremy, he can relax a little and enjoy the process.... and maybe this time he won't be whipping out the birthing book during labor saying 'what do we do now?!', haha.

So basically I am now pretty excited to do this again! I feel like we will be better equipped and we can reach our goal! Why am I so into doing natural childbirth?...I'm crazy that's why, but hey it's good to have dreams.

We were talking about how quickly they wisked Tessa to the NICU and that we saw her for less than 5 min before they took her away, and I got all excited about the thought of having our baby stay in our room, Jeremy cutting the chord and placing it on my tummy right away. We didn't get to do much of that last time. Ugh...getting emotional.

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phasejumper said...

It's the worst when something doesn't live up to your expectations. Looking back, I am glad now that I had to have a c-section. It was not what I thought would happen (and way earlier) but I'm definitely having another one when we get around to kid #2 (to each his own I guess)I think a Doula is a great idea! Eric was so fascinated with them cutting me open (sorry if that is TMI) that he barely looked in my eyes/held my hand during the surgery! (yes, I am still a little bitter) Anyway, I'm glad you found a good doula!