Thursday, July 10, 2008

On the Calendar

We have a meeting in two weeks with our potential doula. I guess it's sort of a interview for us to decide if we want to hire her. I'm excited to get the process started with the goal of trying again (and harder this time) for natural childbirth.

The doula said to have questions and concerns prepared to ask her. Does anyone out there have experience with a doula and have ideas what I should ask? I'm open to suggestions. I guess more than anything is has to be someone you feel comfortable and trusting with.

I think having a doula will be a good thing. I learned last time that while the labor nurses are great it is really not their job to help you with natural childbirth measures, so all the burden lays on Jeremy, and I think having a professional there would be helpful.

For those who may be confused as to what I'm talking about:

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